Envirographx can transform a lobby, entryway, hallway, conference room, special purpose environment, museum, display walls, windows, or innumerable areas into much more than utilitarian surfaces. We can wrap your columns, hang display cases, create and mount artwork, 3D logos or branded messages.

Envirographx looks at space and envisions it as a beautifully designed, branded canvas. We see images and messages. We see surface areas that engage and delight. We see space that over-achieves, way beyond attractive interior design. We combine several pools of talent. We are the creative visionaries, showing you what is possible combining text, images and 3D objects. We also have the production experience of almost 35 years of in-house, interior and exterior large format printing, production and installation. 




A division of and in partnership with Design Design Communications

and Dr. Graphx

Member of The Graphic Collective

410 N Paulina St

Chicago, IL 60622

Ph 773-880-0099 ext 334


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